Armin van Buuren announces monumental Solo Show at the Amsterdam Arena

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On Saturday, May 13th, 2017 Armin van Buuren will feature in his largest solo show ever in his native Netherlands. It is the first time a DJ gives his own solo show at the Amsterdam Arena. The world famous DJ, who has fifteen years among the five best DJs in the world, takes his fans you back in time with ‘The Best Of Armin Only’, on the occasion of his twenty-year career.

This show brings everything together for me. It is a milestone to celebrate the highlights of all these past years: with my beloved fans, in my own country, in the Amsterdam Arena. It is going to be a night to remember forever.

From his very first club in the Netherlands to recall the most of the Armin Only world tours and a look ahead to the future, each individual peak passes. The global advance tickets of ‘The Best of Armin Only’ starting on 24 November.

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