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Above & Beyond “Acoustic II” Out Now


“Today is the day and we should start by thanking you.

Thanks for embracing Above & Beyond Acoustic and encouraging us to make a second album.

We were all surprised at the reaction to Acoustic: surprised and delighted. The idea was to perform it once and film it for posterity like MTV ‘Unplugged’ and then leave it, like a special edition of Above & Beyond TV. But after two nights at Porchester Hall we all wanted to keep doing it. As well as being hugely enjoyable to play, being five feet away from people crying their eyes out whilst singing along to our songs of love, loss and redemption was incredibly moving for us all.

This album applies the A&B Acoustic treatment to much of our last album, ‘We Are All We Need’, plus some of our older songs we didn’t have time for last time. Back at the helm is our producer and arranger extraordinaire, Bob Bradley, who’s distinctive Twin Peaks meets John Barry meets Massive Attack style, honed over 20 years, has been completely hijacked by this project. Working with his trusted string arranger, Chris Egan, the orchestral backbone of this album has expanded to include more string players and, importantly, more brass.

We used all the same band members as last time, with the addition of Jono and Paavo’s university friend Paul Stewart from The Feeling. And since Acoustic is now fairly well established as a part of the Above & Beyond thing, we thought we’d use the original vocalists wherever possible So welcome back Richard Bedford and Justine Suissa.
We hope you like this album. We think it’s even better than the first one, more adventurous and more accomplished, but you be the judge of that.”

J, T, P.

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