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1. The Website

www.trancepodcasts.com is a website designed to share and promote various Trance Radio Shows, Podcasts and Artists. It also offers various updates relating to these radio shows and podcasts by promoting videos and news feeds.

www.trancepodcasts.com is completely free to use. There is no requirement to pay any money to use this site or download any of it’s content that is shared on this website.

2. User Accounts

User account creation

Users are required to create an account on www.trancepodcasts.com in order to download content from this website. Users may only create one account on www.trancepodcasts.com.

All users are responsible for the information provided to us during, and after the registration process. Information on each users profile, can be amended by the user, and www.trancepodcasts.com takes no responsibility of this information.

www.trancepodcasts.com will not share personally identifiable information with advertisers or any other third-party company. All information you provide us is held in strict confidence. If required to do so by law enforcement, or if we suspect any illegal activity, we may share your information with the proper authorities.

Multiple Accounts

Users are permitted to create one account on www.trancepodcasts.com. Any users found creating multiple accounts will have their subsequent accounts terminated.

3. Premium Accounts

www.trancepodcasts.com offers the ability for people to have a Premium Account on this website. Premium Accounts are made available to allow users the ability to use this website without any waiting times prior to downloading. All adverts normally shown on www.trancepodcasts.com are removed for Premium Users as well.

There are five (5) premium plans available, all offering the same privileges, the only difference being the time frame of the Premium Status for the user. The user can choose their preferable plan prior to making any payments.


Premium Accounts have been put in place to allow users to contribute to the development of this website, whilst obtaining additional benefits when downloading digital content. For this reason, www.trancepodcasts.com will only offer a full refund within 12 hours of the user making payment to this website. We reserve the right not to issue any refunds after the 12 hour grace period, due to the fact that digital content is irrevocable.


All Premium Accounts, with the exception of the “Lifetime” plan, can be renewed at any time. One (1) month plans are renewed automatically. Three (3), Six (6) month and One (1) Year plans are not renewed automatically, and will be cancelled at the end of the respective time period. Lifetime plans are permanent, and no further payments are taken from the user.

It is the users responsibility to manage all Premium plans purchased. Users with recurring plans, who wish not to renew their plan, should cancel their plan prior to plan renewal. www.trancepodcasts.com will not refund any payments made for plan renewals as it is solely your responsibility to manage your plan.

Further Donations

For any user who wishes to make any further contributions to www.trancepodcasts.com, contributions can be sent to via PayPal. Thank you in advance for your support!

4. Privacy

Please refer the website’s Privacy Policy for full information.

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